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A staircase in many homes can be a key feature of a room. Apart from the practical element of allowing access to a further floor or floors, the design is an important element to craft a beautiful staircase.


Whatever your situation be it a renovation project, barn conversion, new build property, there are numerous design choices. Initially a site survey will be done taking measurements, and then discuss with you the type of staircase you require to ensure you get exactly what you want.


Replacement staircases

It is unfortunate to replace original staircases, but with age they become unsafe or beyond repair. With this situation the staircase will be sympathetically replaced, ensuring the design meets your requirements. Another type of replacement staircase is where the original is too steep and dangerous. A site survey will be arranged where an assessment will be made to see if a replacement shallower rise is achievable.

All surveys, planning, design and manufacture through to fitting is carried out by myself, and are handmade to your chosen design. Removal of old staircases is part of the service.

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